Cute Girls Watch When I Eat Aether, the hallucinatory debut by artist-poet Maria Hardin, teems with sonic roses and orchid-birthing bodies. A member of Hekseskolen, Hardin draws on the twin fascinations of magic and visual art to craft sick sonnets as powerful as spells. Infected, inflamed, and gorging on language, this Anthropo-scenic collection manages to be both Baroque and utterly contemporary, ornate and slangy, a clutch of contagious eco-shockers guaranteed to make you weep. 
Action Books

Sublimely minimal and ecological like a womb’s pulse, Cute Girls Watch When I Eat Aether is sensually fecundating. Maria Hardin’s work is fresh, rich with verve, vim, and tautological and alliterated playfulness.
— Vi Khi Nao, author of War Is Not My Mother

Maria Hardin writes sonnets with open, weeping wounds in them: aching sonnets that swallow the world; sick sonnets; sonnets with a dreamlife of their own, sexily inflected with melancholy vernaculars of the internet’s lyric detritus.

Poetry’s aeolian forms curl into Maria Hardin’s iconically laconic voice, which makes of words a spell’s worth of elements and materials: vapour, mineral, lollipop, flower, foam and prayer. 
— Maria Sledmere, author of Cinders

Down with the sickness of another deathly smog? Each poem will Insta-filter your body; infect you; "Leeloo" you!